Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Take Your Business Electronic

For years the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has required businesses to pay their taxes electronically. The Department of Revenue has a web site designed to accomplish this. And the web site is actually fairly easy to use. Here is the website:


You take a few minutes to register and then it goes live a couple of days later. Then you can use its full capabilities.

You would use this to pay essentially any tax that you owe to the Commonwealth. The most common ones would be state tax withholdings, sales and meals taxes collected, and corporate excise taxes. You are required to pay even the more obscure taxes electronically.

The Massachusetts unemployment office has set up the QUEST system for employers to file and pay returns and process unemployment claims. It is located at


Again you need to register with them and this can be a difficult process. You need a user name and password and can call 617-626-5075 for assistance. Expect a wait.

The QUEST system is not as user friendly as other government sites.

The IRS is getting into the game of requiring direct payments rather than using paper checks. The system is relatively easy to use and it is required for all but the smallest business starting in 2011.

Here is the registration site

Good luck.

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