Monday, August 2, 2010

Question of the Day

A client called to ask if the State of Massachusetts was willing to forgive penalties on sales taxes that were paid late.

Here is one of the unfortunate facts about sales taxes. No matter what the business structure, the owner of the business is personally liable for sales taxes plus the penalties and interest on them. So the corporate structure will not shield the owner from paying these taxes out of personal funds.

There is a possibility that the state will abate penalties if it is the first time they have been imposed and the person can give a good reason for not paying them on time. This abatement is requested using form CA-6. Here is a website where you can find the forms.

It will take the state a minimum of two months to process the request, they will continue to bill you, and you will still accrue the penalties and interest on the balance due.

The best policy is to pay your taxes on time.

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