Monday, June 29, 2009

Say What?

I’m a numbers guy. They talk to me. Sometimes words just fail me. Luckily I have a good editor for this blog. But sometimes words speak to me. I administer a group on Yahoo and got the following message:

“Sir am interested in joining ur group found in search seems intrestingfor me so plz accept my membership thanking u.”

Wow. In this case words screamed at me. I know that texting is popular and requires a lot of abbreviations. But this is not texting. This is an email requesting participation in a business networking group. My immediate impression was that this was an ignorant lazy person who was not willing to take the time to form a literate sentence.

Here is my suggestion. Think before you hit the send button.

Now let’s hope my editor reviews this carefully. It would be bad form to have a grammar or spelling mistake.

(Editor’s note: I found two spelling errors.)

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