Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Should you EFile your tax return?

Sending your tax return to the IRS via the Internet as an electronic file is called EFiling. You need special software to do this. It is available if you use one of the popular personal tax preparation products like Tax Cut or Turbo Tax. It is also available if you file directly through the IRS Web site. For more information see my blog called File Your Return for Free with the IRS.

Here are a number of good reasons to EFile your return:

1. You will get your refund faster
2, Your return will not get lost in the mail
3. It is safer than mailing your return
4. The IRS will have an accurate return. They can make a significant number of errors that result in letters going out to the taxpayer.
5. Your refund check will not get lost in the mail if you opt to direct deposit your refund

Should you opt to direct deposit your refund? Absolutely. You do this by providing your bank routing number and checking account number to the IRS when you EFile. The number one reason given for not choosing direct deposit is the fear of providing your checking account information to the IRS. Guess what? You give them the same information when you mail them a check. The IRS has strict guidelines dictating when they can legally take money out of your account. The situation would have to be pretty extreme for them to do this without warning you. Unless you are filing a fraudulent tax return, there are safeguards that should protect you.

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